04 December 2007


The Triffids


I've never discussed a site relating to a particular band before, but in the case of the mighty Triffids, I think I can make an exception!

This was one of Australia's finest ever bands, incorporating elements of folk, country, blues and psychedelia and managing to produce a sound that could only come from across the Nullarbor Plain. They lasted for pretty much the entire 1980s and released a swag of crucial cassettes, singles and albums. The band's pedal steel player, 'Evil' Graham Lee, has set up a website to perpetuate the memory of the band. Many of their albums have been remastered and rereleased on CD in the past couple of years, so once again there is a real buzz about the Triffids.

The audio page presents a number of free mp3s, although it is suggested that you donate via PayPal for the pleasure of downloading these. There are dozens of tracks here, many of them either live or demo versions of songs that later became legendary. There are great acoustic versions of 'Wide Open Road' and 'Too Hot to Move', some live Velvet Underground covers, and tracks by Triffids-related acts like the Red Ponies and costar. Hours of enjoyment.

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