09 December 2006


RockAndMetal's Rock Artist Directory


I am focusing on the 'rock' stream of RockAndMetal Dot Com, but keep in mind that there's a 'metal' stream as well.

RockAndMetal Dot Com/ is a gateway to the websites, music and videos of, surprise surprise, rock and metal acts. The artist directories contain links to official websites, record company websites, sample tracks and free MP3s (where available) for each band in the directory.

This is a great resource because it links directly to the MP3 files. Just right-click, save as and they're yours. There's a search box if you are looking for particular bands. The main difficulty with this site, however, is that it's so hard to browse. The Rock Artist Directory is divided into so many genres, such as Alternative rock, Art rock, Blues, Emocore and Stoner/Sludge. Within each genre, one can view only a tiny alphabetical sequence of artists at a time. For example, Punk is divided into the sequences #-C, D-G, H-M, N-R, S-T and U-Z, and within each of these are 10-20 further subdivisions, e.g. DAA-DAQ, DAR-DD, ad nauseum.

So, it's a tricky site to use but you're bound to find some excellent free MP3s here.

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