09 June 2007


WFMU's 'Beware of the Blog' MP3s


Free-spirited FM radio station WFMU, based in New Jersey, has a blog which links to loads of free MP3 downloads. Beware of the Blog - MP3s is worth bookmarking and visiting every week or so, because it is updated daily and will lead you to many out there sounds. It's far from conventional music. The free MP3s within range from novelty songs, esoterica and exotica to bizarre excursions in noise and psychedelia. You won't have heard of many of the artists they promote, but that's just the point. There is some wickedly wonderful stuff out there from the past five decades or so, and we need stations like WFMU to bring all this great obscure music to our attention.

WFMU has a related site called On the Download, which usually contains links to most of the MP3s described in the blog. I'd usually start there first, but it hasn't been updated since January.

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