06 May 2010


Roger McGuinn's Folk Den

Singer-guitarist Roger McGuinn is the founder of the legendary Byrds (back then he was known as Jim McGuinn) and master of the electric Rickenbacker, the acoustic twelve-string and banjo. For about fifteen years now, McGuinn has been recording traditional folk songs, and making them available via this blog. There is a tremendous range of music here: traditional American folk songs, Christmas carols, sea shanties like 'Blow the Man Down' and Irish rebel songs ('Roddy McCorley'). A highlight for me is the incredible Byrds-like version of the Australian classic, 'Waltzing Matilda'.

Roger gives background information on each song, and also provides lyrics and guitar chords.

Hours of enjoyment to be had here!

You can repay Roger for all this free stuff by purchasing a four-CD box set that features 100 of his best Folk Den recordings.

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