24 November 2006


Soccerclips Music Archive


This is part of a wider site, Soccerclips, to which football (soccer) fans from all over the world can contribute video footage or wallpapers relating to their favourite club. It also features a lot of football-related commercials and even videos of supporters' groups (including some extreme hooligan-ish ones). The Music Archive is what interests me most.

The size and range of the content is incredible, but the site's design leaves a lot to be desired. It contains (at today's count) 2290 pieces of music available for streaming and for free downloading as MP3s. While the site meets my 'Free' criterion, beware! Some of the contributions may not meet the 'Legal'.

The main problem with this site is difficulty of access. The songs are spread across 77 pages at present, and the only way through it is to browse, page by page, with most recent additions listed first. There is no search facility. Therefore one needs to scroll through many listings - and descriptions aren't always very informative - page by page, in search of songs related to one's favourite club or national team.

Still, for those who have the patience it's a tremendous source of football songs and chants. What's that old quotation about defeating your enemy by singing his song? Here's the place to go to do all your background research into your enemies' songs!

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